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When we compose essay writing services reviews, we pay very good attention to several details. We want our customers to receive all the important factors about a company. When people read our reviews, they need to get an understanding about the prices charged, the quality of the services offered, the types of writing services, the friendless of the writers and many others. We invest a great deal of efforts and time into creating the perfect review for you, and we definitely consider all important aspects about a company when writing our review.

We deliver honest essay reviews to help you succeed in your academic career

You can rest assured that at you will find only unbiased and honest reviews about different writing services. You are welcome to use our portal in order to find the perfect writing service for your needs. We review plenty of genuine writing services companies for you, from essay writing, Thesis writing, Dissertation writing and even Research Paper writing companies.

The main criteria we take into consideration when creating our reviews:



The list of services offered - we carefully analyze the exact range of writing services delivered by a company. We are looking for a guarantee of essay writing services at top affordable prices, so that all students can afford the solutions. Then, we ensure the company allows for several payment options such as credit card payment, debit card payment and e-wallet solutions. We also read the privacy policy regarding the protection of the personal information of the customer, and we compare the different writing levels and pricing options.


Reviewing the quality of the papers - before writing a review, we always analyze writing samples such as essays, research papers, etc. Our in-house editors and proofreaders will read the papers and evaluate the quality of the work received. If it is indeed good quality which is reflected in the affordable prices, our review will be obviously positive. If, on the other hand we receive very poor quality papers and the prices are also high, our review will disclose this to you so that you can make a well informed decision when buying papers online.


We review the customer support service- when looking for the best essay writing service, an important criterion is the customer service. We are looking for highly friendly, responsive and professional customer service representatives, because we know the importance of good customer care. We even contact customer service representatives, ask them questions because we want to see how they actually respond. Based on this experience, we will create our high quality reviews about the respective company.


As you can notice, we really consider important factors before writing our reviews. We will never write any writing services company review without actually testing their services. We place our orders just like a customer would do, and we take under scrutiny all important issues before creating our review.