Having analyzed, we can say that we found a lot of ambiguous content and a lack of specifics. They don’t provide any information on when they were established, who their writers are, and how they hire them to provide writing assistance. Besides, after reading the copy, we found some weird mistakes there. For example, the sentence “Our writers also have expert subjects” just doesn’t make sense to us. You can’t HAVE expert subject, you can only BE an expert in a subject.

For us, mistakes like these mean that may employ non-native English speakers, even though they claim to Aussie writers only. Only one way to find out!

1. Services claims to be able to help with “any writing assignment,” which is a statement that we just don’t appreciate as reviewers because you can’t be a jack of all trades. Well, the list of the services listed on includes thesis writing, dissertation writing, term papers, article critiques, personal essays, math and science problems, lab reports, argumentative essays, statistical reports, and book reports. On top of that, they also do copywriting and editing.

2. Prices

The prices for academic writing at Australian Help are a bit higher than average. For example, to get one-page essay within 14 days – the longest allowed deadline on the website – you’ll have to pay $21.47 (by the way, the prices for research paper and term paper writing with the same deadline costs exactly the same, which was weird). The price for all of the aforementioned types of academic assignments goes up to $30.07 if the deadline is only 3 days.

For this review, we’ve decided to order a 4-page research paper in management that was essentially a case study of Lean Manufacturing implementation. It cost us $137.47 before the first-time customer discount of 18 percent.

3. Writing Team claims to have the best writers Australia has to offer. Well, they have a section on the website called Our Writers listing profiles without any personal information or data on the writer’s expertise. For example, there’s also an option to request any writer, but how do I know that the writer has an expertise in the subject I’m interested in?

4. Support Team has a quick customer service, which was good, but only for email. At the time when we placed the order – June of 2019 – the live chat option didn’t work on any of our computers. It seems like had some problems with it at that time.

5. Verdict

We can say with some confidence that our paper wasn’t written by a native English speaker. First and foremost, the text didn’t make sense in some parts (seems like it was written by a person who wrote the website copy, too). Next, two she sources used for the paper were outdated even though we requested using publications released within five years. This suggests that the writer didn’t have sufficient research skills to locate appropriate sources. On top of that, the formatting was a bit off; for example, there was a problem with the references page that we had to request the revision for if we were real customers.

The content was also just okay. It seemed that the writer has only a basic knowledge of Lean manufacturing.

So our verdict is: not recommended.

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  1. Rob says:

    No updates on my paper, no answers from customer support. They get your money and ignore you if you ask something they don’t know.

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