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Several Aussie writing services have appeared recently. They follow the same concept: give them your email and info about the paper, and they will give you a price. They don’t share their prices and they have shady policies, but they are big on the promises. AustralianAssignmentHelp is one of the brands following that tricky concept.

We got a few requests for Australian Assignment Help reviews from our readers. We understand why students are interested in the site: it looks like they can get decent assignment help there. But we don’t want students to risk, which is why we test the services and share our warnings and recommendations.

In this AustralianAssignmentHelp review, we’ll share the experience and all conclusions after buying a paper from the company.

Feel free also to search for other AustralianAssignmentHelp reviews. It’s always good to see things from different perspectives.

AustralianAssignmentHelp Services Review offers three major categories of services:

  • Assignment help
  • Essay help
  • Dissertation help

You can order an IT assignment, law assignment, finance assignment, and many other projects on the website. You’re supposed to get custom writing assistance, which means that the writer starts the content from scratch.

Since there is no price chart, you have to send your request with the type of project you have to mind. Then, you’ll wait for several hours to get an offer from the company. This was the first big surprise for us when we started this review. We expect agencies to be fast with their offers. Otherwise, they lose customers to competitors. We waited for three hours to get a price from an agent.


We understand that hiring local Aussie writers with degrees has to come with a higher price. However, reviews share a different side to the story: the writers here don’t look like native English speakers. We’ll get to that point later. For now, let’s stay on the fact that the high price is not justified by quality.

We received an offer of $27 per page for a deadline of 10 days. When we asked why that was the case, the agent said that our project was unusual. We ordered an essay with a simple history topic.

Giving different prices to students on a whim is not nice. But that’s exactly what Australian Assignment Help does. We did not get any discounts for this order.

AustralianAssignmentHelp Writing Team

We expected to work with someone who knows a lot about history. Why would they take a job writing history essays otherwise? The topic was about the development of the horse racing industry in Australia. The writer knew nothing about it.

When we got the paper, we were utterly disappointed. We asked the customer support team if another writer could review it. They told us that they already assigned the most qualified writer for our project, and the result was great. They had the nerve to start convincing us that this writer was talented, when all we got was a copied Wikipedia page with obvious signs of plagiarism.

We don’t know how good the remaining writers are. We hired only one for this AustralianAssignmentHelp review. But based on our experience, it’s safe to say that the company’s expertise is not as good as the site claims it to be.

Support Team

The customer support agents made us anxious, tired, nervous, and stressed.

When you try to get a solution to your problem, you don’t expect to come across pushy agents. Instead of answering direct questions, they just push you to place the order ASAP. They talk about the importance of ordering a paper on time, yet they take hours to respond to messages.

After we ordered that paper, they were no longer pushy, since they achieved their goal. From that point on, they were downright rude.

AustralianAssignmentHelp did not revise a paper with plagiarized content. We sent clear screenshots from Wikipedia, which showed that the writer did not write a unique paper. The agent kept insisting that the paper was excellent. She said “Look; I read the essay and I’ve been in this industry for years so I know what I’m talking about. Your professor will love it. There’s nothing wrong with the essay and I’m sure you’ll get a good grade for it.”

That’s the response to our request for revisions.

Verdict for AustralianAssignmentHelp

Considering that our Australian Assignment Help review is based on a real order, the writer stole content from Wikipedia, and he even got a few dates wrong. In an attempt to cheat the plagiarism detection engines, he switched the orders of the paragraphs, so the logical flow was lost.

It was a bad paper that didn’t deserve the money we paid. That being said, we did not get a refund. The agent said she would do everything in her power to issue a refund, but she wasn’t sure she could do that because the essay was fine according to her. That’s gaslighting of the worst kind!

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  1. Alishia W. says:

    I didn’t like the paper they sent but I used it anyway. My professor called me out on it because apparently it wasn’t original. I will never hire the Australian assignment help again.

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